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Nov 12-13, 2015   Foster care in Europe   Milan - Bergamo


The foster care in Europe:

Pathways towards co-parenting and self-expression of the children

12/11/2015 Milano

Università Cattolica, largo A. Gemelli 1


13/11/2015 Bergamo
Università degli Studi di Bergamo,
piazza S. Agostino
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The mission of APFEL - "Acting for the Promotion of Foster Care at the European Level" is to build bridges between countries, between cultures and languages and between research and practice, in order to improve the quality of foster care in Europe. We do this through cooperation, through the collection and evaluation of innovative practices and through the implementation of international guidelines, all the while, respecting cultures, families, children and their rights.

The work  on Children’s Rights underlines the influence, in the field of foster care, of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), which in each European country is strengthening a new culture of childhood and child care. Within APFEL, in particular, there has been ongoing work on two issues which are important in foster care, from a  children's rights perspective: plural parenting on the one hand and listening to the voice of the child on the other.


The day in Milan (November 12) will therefore be dedicated to the theme "Two families around a child: foster care and plural parenting” and are planned  the speeches by Vincenzo Spadafora, Klaus Wolf, Paola Milani, Liviana Marelli, Silvio Premoli, Milena Santerini, Raffaele Tangorra, Nathalie Chapon, Daniel Coum, Roberto Maurizio, Nina Biehal, Nuria Fuentes Pelaez, Peter Van den Bergh, Francesca Nilges, Vincent Ramon.


The day in Bergamo (November 13) will be devoted to the theme "Listen to and promote the voices of children” and are planned  the speeches by Ivo Lizzola, Robert Theisen, Paride Braibanti, Valerio Belotti, Bep Van Sloten, Nathalie Chapon, Adriana Lorenzi, Christian Dehaspe, Pascale Staquet, Frédérique Lucet, Silvio Premoli.

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